Henderson's Corner

Official website of the American short story writer, poet, and soon-to-be debut novelist, Ward Henderson.

"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being." —Goethe


Ward Henderson is an American short story writer, poet, and soon-to-be debut novelist from Long Island, New York.

Passionate, but divided in his self-confidence, Henderson has been writing intermittently to a select audience of friends, family, and associates since elementary school. His first science-fiction, alternative history "novella" entitled, Hitler Shakes Hands With the Aliens, was written in secret, during the young author's precarious elementary years. It has since been lost to time.

An avid fan of Victorian era detective and adventure fiction, as well as the vintage pulp stories and dime novels at the turn of the twentieth century, Henderson describes his bifurcated style as patrially influenced by the forefathers of modern fiction. A secondary influence stems from his enthusiasm of the picaresque genre and maximalist style atrributed to postmodern literature.

Henderson's first published piece, Sunrise was published in miniMAG Issue #49 in 2023.

Currently, Henderson's repitorie consists of a neo-pulp Western short story for publication, with a self-published novella, and a large-scale novel in the works.